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Vailant Brand Engineering



Vailant is designed to transform entire trades. With a strategy to leverage advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, they design and build businesses that are automated cash engines.

iLab was contracted by Vailant to develop a unique brand identity that would represent their values and business objectives while giving a distinctly human element to the world of AI. The Vailant brand is synonymous with maverick. It represents pioneering and mastering a new frontier. AI is a blue ocean opportunity but it’s intimidating, misunderstood and highly complex. Vailant’s brand voice is clear, confident, authoritative, bold and courageous and represents innovation, speed, strength, power, excellence and human performance. It’s smart, too. Vailant delivers “Intelligence by Design.”

The iLab design team leveraged the best aspects of a Trojan Horse concept and created a mark that looked like a rook on a chess board with a comet streaking from the eye over the head symbolizing the ambition Vailant has to bring astronomical growth to their partners and shareholders.

Along with the logo mark the word mark was used to highlight Vailant's focus on AI. The word mark was intentionally designed as a complimentary element that could also stand alone with equal strength and integrity.

Vailant Brand Engineering
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