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Major Insurance Brand and Website Engineering


Major Insurance

Major Insurance has been offering clients a full array of individual and employee insurance plans throughout the United States for over 35 years. Based in Boca Raton Florida, Major Insurance values their clients' needs and work tirelessly to provide the best solutions for each individual case.

iLab was tasked with creating a new brand identity that would timelessly represent Major's longevity, trust and core values. The iLab design team explored many noble symbols and studied longstanding brands that have reputations of trust and respect within the insurance market.

After a detailed exploration and study, the concept of a mature tree representing the deep roots in the community and stable, long-standing relationships, became the perfect visual representation of the company. This large "tree of life" provides the shade and protection people need in times of crisis and uncertainty. The logo mark, along with the font, accurately captures the strength and values that are foundational to Major Insurance.

In addition to the brand engineering scope, the iLab team was requested to create a website that would provide clients more insight into the company realizing that in the Digital Age, this potentially would be the "face" new clients would see first. Consequently, the website was designed to reflect the warmth, openness, personalization, respect and wealth of information you would receive if you were to meet Matthew Major, owner and founder of Major Insurance, in-person. Through a series of website discovery meetings, as well as a deep dive into large insurance company websites, competitor websites and the HIPPA compliance guidelines for web-based intake forms, iLab's web engineering team mocked up multiple concepts and executed the final development for the new Major Insurance website you see today.

Major Insurance Brand and Website Engineering
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