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Executive Search Firm Investment Package


Executive Search Firm in South Florida

Through our collaboration, iLab equipped a nation-wide executive search firm to maximize their valuation during discussions with strategic investors. The firm focuses on delivering top leadership and management talent to a wide range of companies across the US. This includes offering an array of executive search and advisory services such as diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, executive coaching and onboarding consultation.

Our client was struggling to convey the true value of their business. Traditional investors were reviewing their P&L and offering a value based only on past financial performance. However, this discounted a tremendous amount of “transferable value” the business owner had developed in the company’s brand, culture, processes, and market position. When creating pitch decks and financial models, our client ran into trouble keeping up with tight timelines and had no professional designers on their team. Therefore, they used a standard Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) template with an uninspiring design and cookie-cutter messaging. As a result, their company had no leverage in negotiations when discussing valuation and terms with potential investors.

iLab was brought in to visually portray the executive search firm's unique growth story to potential investors. Partnering with our client, we quickly studied their company history, industry, growth projections, and brand messaging. We identified several transferrable value drivers in the business that were previously overlooked (e.g. culture of diversity, growth of industry, thought leadership, client and employee retention, etc.), then recommended a revised story-based slide flow to draw attention to these differentiating aspects of their business. Applying design thinking and business acumen, our team later crafted a growth story, elevated the company’s logo, and produced a custom brand essence video.

Through professional design, backed by bona fide research and financial projections, the reader of the CIM deck was able to emotionally connect with the investment opportunity and feel the true market value of the business. As a result, the recruiting company attracted potential investors and partners to the deal, garnering valuation offers that far exceeded previous expectations.

Executive Search Firm Investment Package
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