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BrandStar.TV Website Redesign



BrandStar.TV is an OTT streaming solution for BrandStar Original shows. The shows on BrandStar.TV provide measurable value to brands by educating and attracting new consumers.

iLab was tasked with updating the design of BrandStar.TV website. The goal was to simplify the design and put a greater focus on the shows with a more modern, user-friendly design.

What was done?
• Cleaned up the reCAPTCHA design.
• New design utilizes a larger video player above the fold.
• Added the current show, episode title and time-frame below the video.
• Removed the “block” design and made the whole page white.
• Updated the design of the schedule to better emphasize what is “Live” and “Up Next.”
• Updated the look and experience of the full schedule pop-up.
• Replaced the scrolling image banner of show ads with a functional On Demand selection with the same interaction as BrandStream, a BrandStar.TV affiliate platform.
• Replaced the slider of BrandStar Originals with a full grid of show logos.
• Put the 'About' content in a modal pop-up to keep the page design clean and focused on the shows.

BrandStar.TV Website Redesign
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