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BrandStar Corporate Brand and Website Engineering with Investment Package



BrandStar is a horizontally and vertically integrated production company with agency like services providing content and commerce solutions for the world's brightest brands. BrandStar's 17+ operating divisions working together as one integrated system as the “BrandStar Exchange” offers everything you would find at a full-service advertising firm, and so much more!

iLab worked with BrandStar Corporate to create a new brand architecture and identity system that would elevate the company to the billion-dollar unicorn it is trending to become. Each division has their own brand, style and message that all fit into BrandStar's global mission and vision of helping companies grow fast by connecting people to brands to do life better.

iLab's design team evaluated BrandStar's current brand image through a deep discovery, research and design thinking process that identified what worked, discarded what didn't and started over where needed. We evolved the core design of the main/primary logo into a more sophisticated, vibrant and cohesive emblem of modern progress, innovation and ingenuity.

From there, we explored how to make all the operating divisions fit into a common visual language and a unified family of companies we identified as "The BrandStar Exchange" without making each brand look identical. In our exploration we found that the facets of the original BrandStar jewel icon could be broken into 58 unique shapes.

We leveraged that discovery or "aha moment" to create a new identity for each division within the BrandStar ecosystem all inspired by the historic Tangram puzzle. The result was individual sub-brands that stand alone yet directionally point back to the primary parent brand of BrandStar.

Parallel path, we engineered a super clean, fast and comprehensive website solution for the company on a reimagined and technically advanced .Net platform with numerous modern features, functions and integrations to customize each user experience intentionally by design. One such customization included a 3D Virtual Tour of the BrandStar campus.

Investing in growth requires capital and to fuel the company's exponential growth potential, iLab provided a complete investment package with deal marketing materials that included a Discovery Workshop, an Investor Pitch Deck, a consolidated Business Plan with 36-month Proforma, a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), a Brand Essence Video (BEV), an Opinion of Value (OOV) and Transferrable Value Assessment.

BrandStar Corporate Brand and Website Engineering with Investment Package
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